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Get In Touch

Contact us and introduce your startup so that we can explore potential partnerships and provide any necessary support to help your business thrive.

Verify Your Startup

Then we will check it and let you know the result of our evaluation, along with any recommendations and suggestions for you.

Enjoy Our Support

Then we provide the infrastructure you need and ensuring that it meets all your specific requirements and specifications.

Our Startup Support Programs

Free Credit

Greenhost offers startups the opportunity to receive up to €1000 in free credit to purchase various services. This credit can be used for all types of services offered by Greenhost. This initiative aims to support and aid startups in their early stages by providing them with financial assistance.

Discount Codes

Greenhost, actively supports startups by offering discount codes of up to 80%. This allows startups to avail hosting services at significantly reduced prices, empowering them to operate efficiently on the web. Choose Greenhost to smoothly launch and grow your startup at affordable rates.

Free Advanced Support​

Greenhost, is dedicated to supporting startups. We offer Free Advanced Support to streamline the process of purchasing hosting services, ensuring startups can focus on their core business. With our assistance, startups can easily access the hosting services they need to grow and thrive online.

Value-added services

Greenhost, is committed to assisting startups. One of our means of support is by offering value-added services that simplify the process of purchasing hosting services. This allows startups to easily acquire the hosting solutions they need while receiving additional benefits from our platform.

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    Our Startup Support Programs